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Because shrimp is the most popular seafood in America & because most shrimp is consumed in restaurants, one of the most ambitious goals of Question Your Shrimp has been getting local chefs and restaurants to avoid imported shrimp.  We are proud to announce that 23 local chefs and 2 retail outlets have taken a formal pledge vowing to avoid imported shrimp!

The Chefs and Restaurants participating since 2010 include:

Rose Ann Finkel Pike Brewery
Greg Atkinson Northwest Essentials
Diane LaVonne Diane’s Market Kitchen
Peter Burke Ray’s Boathouse
Johnathan Sundstrom Lark
Kevin Davis Steelhead Diner
Adam Stevenson Earth and Ocean
Dustin Ronspies Art of the Table
Dave Storm Portage Bay Cafe
Erin Fetridge Stumbling Goat Bistro

In 2011, we gathered even more support for the mangroves and signed on the following restaurants!

Snoqualmie Casino

The Space Needle


Sleeping Lady Inn.

Spokane School of Culinary Arts,  Pete Tobin

In 2012, we have thus far gathered these chefs to our Pledge:

Mashiko’s Sushi.

The Pegasus Cafe.

The Harbour Pub.

Blue Acre Seafood., Kevin & Teresa Davis

Islandwood., Jim White

Emmer & Rye., Seth Caswell

Ca’buni., Jess Dowell

Overlake Hospital Medical Center., Chris Linaman

Retail Store Outlets:

Puget Consumers Co-op (9 Seattle Store Outlets).

Madison Market.

Thank you to these amazing chefs/ restaurants and retail outlets for taking this active step toward stopping the imports of unsustainable shrimp.

Learn more about the Chef’s Pledge at our website.


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